Visit and talk by Amit Zoran (MIT Media Lab)

On Friday after CHI (May 3) at 11:00 am, Amit Zoran from the MIT Media Lab will give a presentation about his award-winning work on human-computer collaboration in 3D craft.

Title: FREE-D: Human-Computer Collaboration in 3D Craft
Who: Amit Zoran, MIT Media Lab
When: Friday May 3, 11:00 am
Where: E1.5 Room 019 (MPI Building)

In this talk, Amit will present his research, which explores the intersection of craft and digital fabrication through a human-computer collaboration system. The FreeD is a handheld digital milling device, which is tracked and controlled with reference to a virtual 3D model. It allows unskilled makers to physically render 3D models, as well as personalizing and modifying these models in free gesture handcraft. The control software offers guidance according to static virtual models or dynamic ones, which may be altered directly or parametrically. In addition, the FreeD is also able to semi-autonomously move and carve. This creates synergetic cooperation between human and machine that ensures accuracy in re-creation of the model while preserving the expressiveness of hand carving. Amit will present his work in a wide design and HCI context, and will discuss other related projects facing similar challenges, which he completed in the last several years.
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