ERC Starting Grant InteractiveSkin

The European Research Council has awarded an ERC Starting Grant to Jürgen Steimle. The grant, which is endowed with EUR 1.5 million over the next 5 years, is awarded to investigate how human skin can be used as an input and output surface for interacting with mobile computing devices. The ERC Starting Grant is one of the most strongly contested European application procedures for funding. Approximately 11 percent of the, in total, 2935 applications submitted were selected for funding.

Interactive skin: technology in a tattoo (Press abstract from ERC)
Wearable technology has become increasingly ubiquitous. However, current mass-roduced devices still follow the conventional paradigm of off-body, one-size-fits-all gadgets. Professor Jürgen Steimle, at Saarland University, aims to revolutionise this field by creating body-worn electronics in biocompatible patches made of silicone and ultrathin rub-on tattoos – Interactive Skin. The new devices will resemble human skin and will create an interactive layer seamlessly blending with natural skin. Interactive Skin may find applications in health monitoring, rehabilitation, robotics, andmobile computing. Professor Steimle’s ambition is also to provide end- users with easy-to-use software, so that they can freely design, personalise and print their own Interactive Skin.

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