4 Papers at CHI 2019

We’ll be presenting four full papers at CHI 2019:

“Grasping Microgestures: Eliciting Single-hand Microgestures for Handheld Objects”
(by Adwait Sharma, Joan Sol Roo, Jürgen Steimle)

“LASEC: Instant Fabrication of Stretchable Circuits Using a Laser Cutter”
(by Daniel Groeger and Jürgen Steimle)

“Like a Second Skin: Understanding How Epidermal Devices Affect Human Tactile Perception”
(by Aditya Shekhar Nittala, Klaus Kruttwig, Jaeyeon Lee, Roland Bennewitz, Eduard Arzt, Jürgen Steimle)

“Springlets: Expressive, Flexible and Silent On-Skin Tactile Interfaces”
(by Nur Al-huda Hamdan, Adrian Wagner, Simon Voelker, Jürgen Steimle, Jan Borchers)

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