We currently have the following openings:

Post-Doc Position

We have an open post-doctoral researcher position (fully-funded, start date flexible). We will soon post the description of this position and information on how to apply.

PhD Position

Saarland University is a great place to do HCI research. Our group is a good fit for students with a strong technical background who have a Master’s degree in Computer Science or similar. Note that a sufficient level of CS fundamentals and Maths is a prerequisite for admission to our PhD School.

We will have an opening of a fully-funded PhD position later this year, with a flexible start date in summer/fall/winter 2021. The description of this position and information on how to apply will be made available within the next few months. Meanwhile, you can send an initiative application. It will be read; please understand that due to the large number of initiative applications we receive we are not able to reply all of them.

Master’s and Bachelor’s Theses

We are constantly looking for motivated and dedicated students who are interested to write their Master’s or Bachelor’s thesis in Human-Computer Interaction. We always have interesting topics to work on as part of our research projects. Please contact us with a short CV, including your grade transcript, your skills and information about any projects you have worked on at the university or outside, specifically those related to Human-Computer Interaction.

Summer Internships

We generally do not offer summer internships for Bachelor students. We offer a very limited number of summer internship positions for outstanding Master students. For summer 2021, all our summer internship positions are filled.