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Our mission is to contribute toward a future of user interfaces that seamlessly merge with the physical world and the human body. We develop advanced interactive technologies and investigate new user interface concepts to create more effective, expressive and engaging interactions with interactive systems. [read more]

Featured Projects

Print-A-Sketch A Handheld Printer for Physical Sketching of Circuits and Sensors on Everyday Su...more
Print-A-SketchClient Review :
(CHI 2022)
Computational Design and Optimization of Electro-Physiological Sensors Abstract Elect...more
Computational Design of Physiological SensorsClient Review :
(Nature Communications)
Weirding Haptics In-Situ Prototyping of Vibrotactile Feedback in Virtual Reality through Vocaliza...more
Weirding HapticsClient Review :
(UIST 2021)
SoloFinger Robust Microgestures while Grasping Everyday Objects Using microgestures...more
SoloFingerClient Review :
(CHI 2021)
BodyStylus Freehand On-Body Design and Fabrication of Epidermal Interfaces In traditional bo...more
BodyStylusClient Review :
(CHI 2021)
Eyecam Anthropomorphic Webcam     What if seeing devices looked like us? Eye...more
EyecamClient Review :
(CHI 2021)
Squish this thumbnail
Squish This Force Input on Soft Surfaces for Visual Targeting Tasks Today’s typic...more
Squish ThisClient Review :
(CHI 2021)
bARefoot Generating Virtual Materials using Motion Coupled Vibration in Shoes Many fe...more
bARefootClient Review :
(UIST 2020)
PolySense Augmenting Textiles with Electrical Functionality using In-Situ Polymerization ...more
PolySenseClient Review :
(CHI 2020)
PhysioSkin Rapid Fabrication of Skin-Conformal Physiological Interfaces Advances in rapid...more
PhysioSkinClient Review :
(CHI 2020)
Soft Inkjet Circuits Rapid Multi-Material Fabrication of Soft Circuits Using a Commodity Inkjet P...more
Skills : Best Paper Award
Soft Inkjet CircuitsClient Review :
(UIST 2019)
Tactlets Adding Tactile Feedback to 3D Objects Using Custom Printed Controls Rapid prototypi...more
TactletsClient Review :
(UIST 2019)
Multi-Touch Kit A Do-It-Yourself Technique for Capacitive Multi-Touch Sensing Using a Commodity M...more
Multi-Touch KitClient Review :
(UIST 2019)
Tacttoo A Thin and Feel-Through Tattoo for On-Skin Tactile Output Tacttoo is a feel-through ...more
TacttooClient Review :
(UIST 2018)
Multi-Touch Skin A Thin and Flexible Multi-Touch Sensor for On-Skin Input Skin-based touch i...more
Multi-Touch SkinClient Review :
(CHI 2018)



Summer School on Computational Interaction

We are co-organizing the 6th Summer School on Computational Interaction. It will take place next week in Saarbrücken! You can...
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Article in Communications of the ACM

Our research on Skin Computing is presented in an article in the Communications of the ACM (April 2022 issue). You...
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Our papers at CHI

At CHI'22 we will present two full papers: Print-a-sketch: a handheld printer for physical sketching of circuits and sensors on...
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Special Issue of TOCHI on Digital Touch now available online

The TOCHI Special Issue on Digital Touch, guest-edited by Jürgen Steimle together with his colleagues Sara Price, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze and...
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Our new post-docs

We welcome our three new postdoctoral team members: Alice Haynes is joining us from U Bristol, Ata Otaran from Queen...
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Best Teaching Award

We are very happy that our seminar Touch and Haptic Interfaces has received the "Best Beaver" Teaching Award in the...
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Congrats, Dr. Aditya Nittala

Aditya Nittala has successfully defended his dissertation. Congratulations! The full dissertation entitled "From Wearable Towards Epidermal Computing: Soft Wearable Devices...
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Article in Nature Communications

We present a computational method for designing wearable electro-physiological sensors that capture muscle movement, heart rate, and galvanic skin response....
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Paper at UIST 21 on Prototyping Haptic Feedback in VR

At UIST 21 we present a paper on rapid prototyping of vibrotactile feedback in virtual reality by leveraging the user's...
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Multiple PhD and Post-Doc Positions

We are hiring! We have a total of 6 openings for post-doctoral researchers and PhD researchers. The application deadline is...
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