Our research focuses on innovative ways of seamlessly integrating digital media with the effective, expressive and engaging ways people interact in the physical world. Our goal is to make objects responsive, render surfaces and spaces interactive, and augment the human itself. To do so, we leverage cutting-edge technology, such as printed electronics, interactive paper, flexible and multiple displays. This yields novel interaction possibilities for which we design, implement and study user interfaces and interactive systems.

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Digital Fabrication Technologies

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ObjectSkin is a fabrication technique for adding conformal interactive surfaces to everyday objects. It enables multi-touch sensing and display output that seamlessly integrates with highly curved and irregular geometries.

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HotFlex leverages printed embedded elements, capable of computer-controlled state change, to enable hands-on remodeling, personalization, and customization of a 3D-printed object after it is printed.


Foldio is a new design and fabrication approach for custom interactive objects. The user defines a 3D model and assigns interactive controls; a fold layout containing printable electronics is auto-generated.


Flexibles add expressive deformation input to interaction with on-screen tangibles. Based on different types of deformation mapping, Flexibles can capture pressing, squeezing, and bending input with multiple levels of intensities.


Capricate, is a fabrication pipeline that enables users to easily design and 3D print highly customized objects that feature embedded capacitive multi-touch sensing.


PrintScreen is an enabling technology for digital fabrication of customized flexible displays using thin-film electroluminescence (TFEL).


A multimodal on-surface and near-surface sensing technique for planar, curved and flexible surfaces.

A Cuttable Multi-touch Sensor

In this project, we propose cutting as a novel paradigm for ad-hoc customization of printed electronic components. We contribute a printed capacitive multi-touch sensor, which can be cut by the end-user to modify its size and shape.

Body Interaction

Flexible and Shape Displays

Interactive Tabletops

Spatial Displays

Interactive Paper