Mobile Multimedia Interaction

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Mobile Multimedia Interaction

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05Spatial Displays, Simon

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Mobile Multimedia Interaction

TU Darmstadt 2009-2010

Increasingly powerful mobile devices enable users to access and watch videos in mobile settings. Videos can be used virtually anywhere and anytime. However, state of the art mobile video browsers do not efficiently
support users in browsing within individual, semantically segmented videos and between the large
amounts of related videos, e.g. available on the Web. Moreover, the field still lacks a general understanding of the design space and of the characteristics of interaction concepts.

In order to improve user interfaces for mobile video browsing, this project has three contributions. First, we setup a design space for mobile video browsing and contribute seven novel interface concepts. They rely on GUI-based, on
touch-gesture-based, and on physical interaction. We contribute Wipe’n’Watch, a novel user interface for the mobile navigation of large video collections comprising two spatial interaction techniques for the mobile, nonlinear interaction with multiple videos. Second, we present the results of an in-depth evaluation and comparison of these concepts. They are based on an ascriptive analysis of 18 hours of video observations from a controlled experiment with 44 participants. The results provide insights into common usability errors and misconceptions. Third, we derive implications for the design of mobile video browsers to minimize errors and to increase usability.