Maker Day 2016


December 9, 2016

Let us start into the new semester by building novel and fun interactive objects. In this one-day event, participants learn the basics of printed electronics, 3D printing, laser-cutting, and Arduino programming. Most of the day will be spent hands-on by creating the interactive objects of your choice. No CP, but free pizza and a lot of fun! Beginners are welcome!

The Maker Day starts at 2PM in the foyer of E 1.7. We will provide some basic electronic components. Feel free to bring your own ones as well.


Registration is closed.


Is this free (for students)?
Yes. The maker day is for anyone who wants to tinker, build, and learn about electronics for prototyping (not limited to students or faculty).< Do I need to prepare/bring something?
Generally, you don’t. Bringing a laptop is recommended to program the Arduino controllers but for working in groups one computer is enough. You are welcome to bring your own electronics but we also provide the basic stuff you will need. If you want to prepare, have a look at the links below and install the Arduino IDE ( You don’t need prior experience with electronics or Arduino, beginners are welcome!

Do I have to register in advance?
Yes, please register here:

Will I receive credit points towards my studies at Saarland University?
No, we cannot award credits as this is a fun community event.

Can I bring my friends?
Absolutely! Just make sure, they have registered themselves!


You can find an overview of our available components here: spreadsheet.

Tutorials and project ideas
Printed electronics tutorial