Madalina Nicolae

Madalina Nicolae

Doctoral researcher

About me

I’m fond of science and technology, but I’ve always been hungry for all kinds of knowledge: arts, music, psychology, biology, etc. ” Be There. Be Down. Be You. ” is the motto that I think fits the best to the person I am today.

My research

My research interests rest at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI),
biodesign, electronics, and embedded systems.

During my Master’s, my main interest was in developing intelligent interfaces that bring technology closer to the human body enhancing it in the most natural way possible. I explored this idea by developing a new DIY fabrication process for flexible PCB prototyping, textile sensors and organic electronics.
Now I explore Sustainability and Innovation for Human-Computer Interaction trough organic and living matter.


Office: E 1.7 Room 2.16
Phone: 0033698176992

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