Seminar Interactive Skin / March-April 2017


Type Seminar (7CP)
Time Block Course in March and April 2017
Kick-off meeting: January, 24th, 1:00 pm, Bld. E1.7 (MMCI) room 0.01
Place Bld. E1.7 (MMCI), Room 001
Language English
Links Course moodle, LSF


Interactive computing devices are moving onto the human body. This seminar focuses on the emerging class of devices that merge with human skin. This seminar provides an in-depth overview of current research and first commercial applications. It will cover 1) technologies from visual computing and thin-film electronics that allow for augmenting skin with input and output capabilities; 2) principles and interaction techniques for skin-based user interfaces; 3) application areas. The seminar will be based on a mix of readings and a practical project in which students develop and implement a prototypical user interface for interactive skin.

This seminar is a block course. It will take place in March and April 2017. During the first week, each participant will give a scientific presentation about a topic relating to interactive skin, based on several research papers. During the following weeks, students will work in teams and develop a prototypical user interface for interactive skin. The project comprises gathering user requirements, designing the software and hardware interface, and implementing a simple working prototype. During or after the block course, each participant will have to write a term paper that expands on the topics of his/her scientific presentation and also includes lessons learnt from the practical course project.


  • For M.Sc. students only
  • Good implementation skills
  • Lectures in Human-Computer Interaction (User Interface Design, UbiMedia, Physical Computing) are a plus, but not required


Please register by sending an e-mail to . Places will be provided in the order of registration until all places are taken. Note that you will have to register on HISPOS later during the semester for participation in the final exam. The number of participants is limited to 15.

Literature and Materials

A bibliography and a list of topics will be made available before the kick-off meeting.