bARefoot Generating Virtual Materials using Motion Coupled Vibration in Shoes Many features of materials can be experienced through tactile cues, even using one’s feet. For example, o...more

(UIST 2020)

Soft Inkjet Circuits Rapid Multi-Material Fabrication of Soft Circuits Using a Commodity Inkjet Printer Despite the increasing popularity of soft interactive devices, their fabrication remains...more
Soft Inkjet Circuits

(UIST 2019)

Best Paper Award

Tacttoo A Thin and Feel-Through Tattoo for On-Skin Tactile Output Tacttoo is a feel-through interface for electro-tactile output on the user’s skin. Integrated in a temporary tattoo with a t...more

(UIST 2018)

SkinMarks Enabling Interactions on Body Landmarks Using Conformal Skin Electronics The body provides many recognizable landmarks due to the underlying skeletal structure and variations in s...more

(CHI 2017)

Skin—The Next User Interface

(IEEE Computer 2016)

iSkin Flexible, Stretchable and Visually Customizable On-Body Touch Sensors for Mobile Computing We propose iSkin, a novel class of skin-worn sensors for touch input on the body. iSkin is a ve...more

(CHI 2015)

Best Paper Award

Foldio Digital Fabrication of Interactive and ShapeChanging Objects With Foldable Printed Electronics Foldios are foldable interactive objects with embedded input sensing and output capabil...more

(UIST 2015)

Best Paper Award

More Than Touch Understanding How People Use Skin as an Input Surface for Mobile Computing This paper contributes results from an empirical study of on-skin input, an emerging technique for ...more
More Than Touch

(CHI 2014)

PrintScreen Fabricating Highly Customizable Thin-film Touch-Displays PrintScreen is an enabling technology for digital fabrication of customized flexible displays using thin-film electr...more

(UIST 2014)

Best Paper Award

Flexpad Highly Flexible Bending Interactions for Projected Handheld Displays Flexpad is an interactive system that combines a depth camera and a projector to transform sheets ...more

(CHI 2013)

Honorable Mention Award

Pen-and-Paper User Interfaces Integrating printed and digital documents Abstract Even at the beginning of the 21st century, we are far from becoming paperless. Pen and paper is still the o...more
Algorithmic Mechanism Design University of Freiburg 2005-2006 Abstract Computer systems with decentralized control structures, such as the internet or peer-to-peer and grid computing, ar...more
Algorithmic Mechanism Design

(Monograph, 2008)