Open FabLab


  Type Seminar (0CP)
  Time Wednesdays (4 – 6pm)
  Place HCI FabLab, Building E1.7, 2nd floor, Room 2.16
  Starting 14.11.2018 or 09.01.2019
  Language English

Open FabLab (in cooperation with the CS student’s council)

You are interested in getting hands-on skills in computational fabrication, 3D printing, laser cutting? You want to learn what FabLabs are all about? You want to explore new opportunities and find out what fun object you can fabricate? Or you already have a concrete idea you would like to realize? No matter whether you are a novice or you already have some skills, you are welcome to join the Open FabLab. In cooperation with the computer science student’s council, we open the doors of our brand new computational fabrication lab. We will provide you with the skills and offer you the hardware and software you need to bring your ideas to life. During the kick-off session we will introduce the basics of fabrication hardware (3D printers and laser cutter) and modeling software (Rhino 3D and Adobe Illustrator). The remaining sessions will be hands-on sessions for you to design your own project. We will be assisting you throughout the process.


Registration is mandatory. Please send an e-mail to Sebastian Rüstig . For questions, please contact Sebastian Rüstig .

Course Structure

There will be two possible starting dates: (14.11.18 , 09.01.19 4pm-7pm). You have to attend one of these kick-off sessions before using the FabLab in the following weeks.

  • Wednesday, 14.11.18, 4pm-7pm: Kick-off and introductory tutorial
  • Wednesday, 21.11.18, 4pm-6pm: Open Lab
  • Wednesday, 28.11.18, 4pm-6pm: Open Lab
  • Wednesday, 05.12.18, 4pm-6pm: Open Lab
  • Wednesday, 09.01.19, 4pm-7pm: Kick-off and introductory tutorial
  • Wednesday, 16.01.19, 4pm-6pm: Open Lab
  • Wednesday, 23.01.19, 4pm-6pm: Open Lab
  • Wednesday, 30.01.19, 4pm-6pm: Open Lab



Sebastian Rüstig

Sebastian Rüstig, Dipl. Industrial Designer, FabLab Manager HCI Group
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Steimle