PEOPLE / Dr. Paul Strohmeier

Office: E 1.7 Room 2.20

PEOPLE / Dr. Paul Strohmeier


I currently lead the Sensorimotor Interaction Group at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics.

Before that I was a a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the HCI group of Saarland University. I received my Phd Degree in Computer Science from University of Copenhagen in Denmark and MSc degree in Computer Science from the Queen’s University in Canada. I am interested in human perception and computer sensing. I apply methods from psychophysics to deepen our understanding of human perception, especially in relation to action. I also investigate the hardware design and implementation of novel sensors to provide digital systems improved access to the physical world. I believe that understanding the opportunities and constraints of human perception and computer sensing is the foundation for creating truly hybrid human/computer systems.

See my Google Scholar profile for a list of my publications or check out my website.


Google Scholar: Public Profile
Website: Personal Page

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