Seminar: Engineering of Interactive Systems with Generative AI



Type Seminar (7CP)
Time Kick-off: November 8th, 4-6 pm
Place Building E1.7, room 001
Language English


Today, interactive systems are typically designed by hand: Storyboards are drawn by hand, code and hardware is implemented manually, and the evaluation is conducted through time-consuming user studies. With the rise of Generative AI (GenAI), e.g., Large Language Models, Generative Adversarial Networks, Diffusion models, or Transformer-based models, this may change. In this seminar, we will investigate if and to what extent the manual design process of interactive systems could be improved and streamlined by GenAI models. This involves, for instance, the following considerations: How can GenAI models be used to assess real-world requirements, create personas, and identify stakeholders? How can they help in the actual design phase of the interface, for implementing software or hardware? And can they be used to evaluate the quality of an implemented outcome? In this seminar, we aim to find answers to these timely questions by conducting practical projects. We aim to identify opportunities, best practices and current limitations, to ultimately come up with principled recommendations as to how GenAI can speed up, improve or even replace the manual design process.


The seminar comprises a combination of readings, presentations, and a group project in which students will first familiarize themselves with the basic concepts of Generative AI. In small teams, students will then re-design how we engineer interactive systems by systematically investigating and reporting on ways to alter the design process of interactive systems with Generative AI.

Below are the dates of all plenary sessions, presentations, and submissions for the seminar. Please note that attending the plenary sessions is mandatory!

Type of Meeting Time Room
Kick-off (Plenary) November 8th, 4-6 pm Building E1.7, room 001
Topic Introduction Session (Plenary) November 15th, 4-6 pm Building E1.7, room 001
Milestone 1 Presentation (Plenary) December 13th, 4-6 pm tba
Milestone 1 Report Submission December 20th, 23:59
Milestone 2 Presentation (Plenary) January 17th, 4-6 pm tba
Milestone2 Report Submission January 19th, 23:59
Milestone 3 Presentation (Plenary) Tentative: April 10th, 4-6 pm tba
Milestone 3 Report Submission Tentative: April 10th, 23:59


Please note that because of the close individual supervision the number of participants is limited to 15!
This is a master-level seminar, which can also be taken by Bachelor students from 5th study semester and above.

For the registration, we require you to submit a brief motivation statement that elaborates on why you want to take this class and what relevant projects and courses you have taken before.

It’s advantageous but not strictly required to have passed Interactive Systems and/or HCI.


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Steimle

Marie Mühlhaus
Artin Saberpour